Dear god, I'M BLIND!

Captain of Division Awesome is a silly site. Isshin, despite his occasional serious moments and his overwhelming bamf-ness, is still not someone you can take seriously most of the time. Going for the full blown character shrine analysis would sound pretentious and out of place for a character such as him. Or maybe that's just an excuse on my part. Regarldess, there isn't really that much about him that we know. You've probably noticed that there is no media section here, aside from a small page with wallpapers and icons. It was never my intention to make this site media intensive.

This is version three of Captain of Division Awesome, using my favourite image of Isshin. My apologies to Ichigo for cutting him out of it. Again. It also continues the trend of having very bright and clashing colours. What can I say, Isshin just brings it out in me. Also, no, I can' colour manga very well, did you notice?

This is madness!!!

This site spawned from an AIM conversation with Alex, funnily enough. While I don't have a record of what exactly was said, we were talking about chapter 241, and the general awesomeness of Daddy Ishida and Papa Kurosaki. On wondering just what division Isshin could possibly have been captain of, Alex said "Captain of Division Awesome" and then the entire thing just took on a life of it's own.

That explains the name, at least, but why Isshin, in particular? He's always been among my favourite characters in Bleach (there are far too many fun and interesting characters in this story to have just one favourite, right?). At first, he's just the dorky dad, even if he does have a really nice "serious" moment in front of Masaki's grave in volume 3. He's funny, silly, oh-so-stylish and delightfully weird. But always lovable, and you can tell Isshin loves his family dearly, loved his wife more than anything, and is a really decent guy, even while possessing all the social skills of a little boy. I just always thought he was a really cool character, and that was before we all found out he's part of the whole war with Aizen, and apparently well in with Urahara. Oh, and he's a powerful Shinigami too. Throw in fun banter with Urahara and Ryuuken (and you can just *see* the amusing conversations with Yoruichi, right?), and you have to ask, really, Kubo Tite, just how awesome can you make one character? Bamf does not even begin to cover him.

I've always wanted to make some kind of Bleach site, and over the years a few have been planned and started, but have never actually made it to a publishable state. I suppose Alex just inspired me to get off my lazy backside and do something. Plus, Isshin is still a minor character, and doesn't actually appear all that often - he's absent from the manga for the entirety of the Soul Society arc. As yet, much of his story is still unknown, so this shrine is pretty small, and is mostly just speculation. As we find out more about Isshin and his past, it will be expanded. Hopefully. But the lack of cold, hard facts surrounding him and his antics actually made this site easier for me to make, but quite possibly makes it less coherent for you.

If you have any questions, you can shoot them my way here. And remember, Papa Kurosaki loves you!