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OH YEAH Hello and welcome to Captain of Division Awesome, a small and silly tribute to Kurosaki Isshin of Bleach. This site is also home to his fanlisting, so if that's what you're here for, you can go straight to this page for all that lark.

Please note: some information on this website is very out of date - I haven't kept up with the Bleach manga in a long time. However, if you are new to Bleach, there are still unmarked spoilers littered throughout the entire site, so proceed with caution. (Like, for serious. Don't look at the picture to the left or the title of this website too hard, is all I'm saying.) All information here reflects the manga and not the anime, and a lot of it is rambling that may have been better kept for an AIM conversation. But whatever, we'll roll with it.

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